Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Updated to April 2015, the 6th.


The company LIDFORT dei F.lli Fortuna snc, with registered office in via Elpidiense Sud, 80 63812 Montegranaro (FM) – Italy, VAT code IT 00525910444 (hereinafter Lidfort), – owns Lidfort brand, which is marketed and distributed in Italy and Europe through retail-shops and the website, owned by Lidfort, www.lidfort.it (hereinafter “WebSite”).
The present general sales conditions (hereinafter Terms and Conditions), regulate the purchase of Lidfort’s products (hereinafter Products) through the WebSite. These purchases are reserved to WebSite’s users, who inted to use the Products’ sales services (hereinafter Customers).
The Customers aknowledge to have read carefully the present Terms and Conditions before copleting any purchase on the WebSite. Such information are meant to be entirely read, understood and accepted by the Customer at the time of passing a purchase order.
The Customer shall therefore follow these Terms and Conditions and consider Lidfort as relieved by any different terms and conditions from those in force, not agreed in advance and in writing form.


The available Products on the WebSite for the purchase are footwear for women and men. All Products are subject to the availability at the time of the order. Lidfort reserves the right to modify at any time the quantity and/or the type of products that may be purchased on the WebSite. The Customer will be promptly informed if the requested Product is not available.


All the Prices on the WebSite are in € (Euro). The prices do not include shipping and delivery charges, unless otherwise indicated.
Lidfort uses its best endeavor to ensure that all pricing information on the WebSite are accurate but cannot guarantee the absolute absence of mistakes. In the event that a mistake in the price of a product shall occur, Lidfort will allow the Customer the option to confirm the purchase of the product at the correct price or to cancel the order.

Registration and Personal Data Entry

In order to complete a purchase process on the WebSite, you can choose to proceed with the registration or to buy only entering your personal data.
The process to fill personal data is very simple and easy to understand. It is necessary that the Customer fill the form with all his personal data, for the shipping of the delivery, too as his email address to communicate with Lidfort. These details will be processed according to the privacy policy in force.

The registering procedure requires to fill in an e-form; its fields shall be filled with the Customer’s personal data and his/her email address. These details will be processed according to the privacy policy in force. After the registration, the Customer will own a personal account, to which he/she will be able to access by means of a username and a password, both strictly confidential. The Customer is responsible for the disclosure of his/her own password to a third party for any reason.
The Customer shall be considered responsible for any action or irregular behavior against the laws in force or with the present Terms and Conditions committed by anyone using the personal account on his/her behalf.
The Customer is required to promptly report to Lidfort about any theft or loss of the password, as well as any improper use of the account or the password committed by a third party.

Purchase Procedure

To purchase the selected Product(s) the Costumer shall complete and send to Lidfort the online purchase form, following the instructions indicated on the WebSite.
The Customer shall add the Product(s) to the “shopping chart” and after having checked and accepted the shipping charges, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and the withdrawal right policy, the Customer shall select the condition of payment and choose the option “Continue order”.

Purchase Agreement

By passing the order to Lidfort the Customer acknowledges and states that he/she has reviewed and accepted all the indications provided in the purchasing procedure and he/she entirely accepts the present Terms and Conditions.
The purchase shall be considered completed when the Customer receives the authorization from the credit card company used for the payment or from a confirmation email, if he/she has chosen different payment methods (for example Bank transfer).
The order submitted by the Customer will be binding for Lidfort only if the entire purchase procedure has been duly and correctly completed without any mistake notification by the WebSite.
Lidfort is not responsible for any eventual mistakes caused by the technical malfunctioning of the Customer’s Internet connection service. Lidfort will send to the Customer an email confirming the reception of the order placed by the Customer, including a summary of the ordered Product(s), the details of the purchased products, the time and the date of the purchase, Lidfort’s address, the detailed price of the Product(s), the payment condition chosen by the Customer and the delivery charges.
The Customer will verify the content of the email and notify immediately to Lidfort about any mistake or omission.

Payment Terms

The Customer may pay for the Products and the pertaining shipping charges by credit card, Paypal and Bank Transfer only if indicated in checkout.
In order to prevent Internet frauds, the payment on the WebSite will be managed online directly by the gateway PayPal, that is the only responsible of the transactions and the conservation of information related to each order (as the number of the credit card, the expiry date, etc.), including financial information.
Lidfort never get information of the essential data of credit cards and other financial information and it is therefore able neither to record nor to keep them in any way.
The transaction will be charged to the Customer’s credit card only once the credit card data has been verified. In case of payment through Bank Transfer, whenever available, it is requested to provide for the payment within 3 days from the purchase date. In the “reason for payment” it has to be specified the reference number of the order furnished at the purchase, the name and the surname of the Customer. In case of payment through Paypal account, Lidfort reserves the righto to ship the Product(s) only to the address of the account verified by Paypal.
The shipment of the Product(s) will be executed after the payment has been credited (credit time changes according to the Country or the Bank)

Lidfort’s Bank Data

Beneficiary: Lidfort dei F.lli Fortuna & Co. Snc, via Elpidiense Sud n. 80, 63812 Montegranaro (FM) – Italy
IBAN: IT 56 Y061 5069 550C C008 1003 601

Shipping and fees

In Italy, San Marino and Vatican City shipping is free of charge.
In UE countries, Lidfort ships through the DDP form (Delivery Duty Paid), so in these destinations the Product(s) will arrive directly to the place indicated without other charges to pay.
For Extra UE countries it is used the DDU* form (Delivery Duty Unpaid), then the courier might come with a separate invoice in which the payment of duties and taxes charged by local authorities are required. We suggest to get informed about duties and taxes charges of the country before making an order on www.lidfort.it
If the shipping address is in UE Country the Product is subject to VAT (22%); if the shipping address is in a extra UE country, according to the Art. 8, c. 1, let. A) -21 -23, D.P.R. n. 633/1972, the Product is not subject to VAT. Eventual local taxes and duties will be calculated and applied by the authorities.

Shipping and Delivery

For the delivery of the purchased Product(s), the Customer may choose his/her residence, domicile, place of work or private address. Only the information about the shipping address indicated at the time of the order will be considered effective.
For each order placed on the WebSite, Lidfort will issue an invoice, together with the shipped Product(s) in accordance with the prevision of the D.P.R. 445/2000 and D.L. 52/2004.
The invoice is attached to the parcel. For the invoice issuing Lidfort will refer to the data provided by the Customer at the time of the order. Once the invoice has been issued, no modification of it will be possible.
Normally, shipping and delivery expenses will be charged to the Customer and are clearly indicated in the online form, unless otherwise indicated.
Shipping towards Italy, San Marino and Vatican City is free and it is executed through express courier GLS.
For extra-Italy destinations, the Products will be sent through the logistics service EMS – Poste Italiane in collaboration with SDA.
The orders will be delivered from Monday to Friday, with exception of non-working-days and public holidays. The orders placed during the weekend will be processed the following working day. The orders placed during the month of August, holiday period for the company, will be processed the first opening day. On the WebSite there will be an appropriate communication of the closing days.
The Products will be delivered within a maximum of ten (10) working days following the day after the submission of the order by the Customer to Lidfort.
The delivery time for Italy and Europe may vary from 1 to 7 working days; for all other destinations it may vary from 2 to 20 working days.
Lidfort is not responsible for any unpredictable delays and for the one caused by operation and customs controls or by causes of force majeure.
For the delivery of the Product(s), the presence of the Customer or of an authorized person is required, at the delivery address indicated in the order. Upon delivery of every order, the Customer is asked to inspect the parcel carefully before signing for the delivery.
If for any reason the box looks tampered with, the Costumer is asked to sign with reservations or refuse the package. In the event that the box has been signed for with an unauthorized signature or there is evidence that the package has been tampered with, the Customer is required to contact immediately the courier and to inform Lidfort at: lidfort@lidfort.it
If the package is not delivered for reasons depending on the Customer (wrong address, wrong telephone number, absence of the Customer at the address, etc.) or if the Customer refuses the delivery, the shipping charges and the eventual customs fees will be deducted from any reimbursement due to the Customer.
In the event that Lidfort is not able to deliver the goods, due to a temporary or sudden unavailability of Product(s), Lidfort will promptly inform the Customer and nevertheless within ten (10) days via email. The amount already paid by the Customer will be credited in the same way of the received payment.

Tracking Number

When the order is shipped, the Customer receives an email from Lidfort specifying the tracking number and a direct link to monitor the shipment status.

Returns, Cancellation and Withdrawal rights

Lidfort intends to ensure the complete Customer’s satisfaction.
If for any reasons the Customer is not satisfied with his/her own purchase, the Product(s) can be returned for size change or for refund within 10 days from the date of Product reception. The returned items must not be worn, not used nor damaged and must be accompanied by the related invoice. The Customer is required to send a request to: lidfort@lidfort.it in order to obtain the refund authorization and a registered letter within the following 48 hours after the email.
In the communications it is required to specify the code of the Product(s), that the Customer wants to return, and the desired compensation: change of size or reimbursement. Once the return request has been received, Lidfort will send to the Customer a written confirmation with the detailed instructions.
Lidfort reserves the right to refuse the return of those products that are not compliant with the specified requirements.
The products purchased online cannot be reimbursed or returned to physical stores.
Shipping expenses for the return of Product(s) are charged to the Customers, unless otherwise indicated; any expenses incurred by the Customer for the return is not refundable; any expenses incurred by Lidfort for eventual import custom clearance fees of returned goods, will be transferred from the amount of the reimbursement. The reimbursements will be executed with the same method of payment chosen for the purchase and once the delivery and checking of the item(s) will be completed. Lidfort will send a notification email once the reimbursement will be completed.
For the orders paid through credit card the reimbursed amount will be available for the Customers approximately in 10 working days and it will be anyway visible on the next credit card’s bank statement. This estimated time may vary according to the bank circuit of the used credit card. For the orders paid through Paypal the amount will be reimbursed on the original bill.
Lidfort will not be responsible for the refund or the compensation of those returned Product(s) which have been lost, stolen or damaged.
In the case that the Customer would modify or cancel the confirmed order, he/she will have to send an e-mail to: lidfort@lidfort.it within 24 hours since the order has been placed.

Errors and Mistakes

Lidfort aims of providing constantly updated information on the WebSite. Nevertheless it is not possible to guarantee the complete absence of mistakes on the WebSite. The WebSite might contain typing errors, mistakes and omissions some of which may refer to the price of the Product, to the Product’s availability and/or to the details of Product(s).
Lidfort reserves the right to amend errors and mistakes even after the order has been placed; furthermore reserves the right to amend or modify the information on the WebSite at any time without giving prior notice.

Guarantee of Authenticity

Lidfort guarantees the authenticity of all Products purchased on the WebSite. The Products marked Lidfort are made with the best materials and with a handcraft production. All the Products are Made in Italy.
Lidfort is not responsible in case the colors of the Products displayed on the WebSite present differences from the original ones, due to a particular configuration of the computer used by the Customer or a malfunctioning of it.
All the intellectual property rights such as trademarks, service trademarks, images, design, music, video, software, codes and format scripts are exclusive property of Lidfort.
The material contained in the WebSite is protected by copyright. No page or other content of the WebSite may be reproduced, even partially, without the prior written approval of Lidfort.


In case of Lidfort sells on-demand-products, these are clearly indicated on the WebSite. Lidfort undertakes to produce and ship the Product(s) within at most 45 working days from the day after the Customer passed the order. For the purchase these Terms and Conditions are valid.

Changes to general terms and conditions

The present Terms and Conditions are regulated by the Italian law. In particular Codice dei Consumatori (Italia Consumer Code), D.Lgs (Italian Legislative Decree) n. 206/2005 modified by D.Lgs (Italian Legislative Decree) n. 21/2014 and D.Lgs (Italian Legislative Decree) n. 70/2003 about the electronic commerce.
Lidfort reserves the right to modify the present Terms and Conditions of sale at any time.
In the case that any disagreement concerning the interpretation and enforcement of the present Terms and Conditions arises between Lidfort and the Customer, such disputes are transferred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Fermo.


For any further information and assistance on the WebSite and or for online purchases, please contact us at the following email address: lidfort@lidfort.it or at the following address:

Lidfort dei F.lli Fortuna & Co. Snc
Via Elpidiense Sud n. 80 – 63812 Montegranaro (FM) Italy
Ph. +39 0734 891066 Fax. +39 0734 890233